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Denodo Platform 6.0 Features Advanced Big Data Optimization

Denodo 6.0

Denodo recently announced the immediate availability of Denodo Platform 6.0, the latest version of the company’s data virtualization platform. This new release puts forth a ‘fast data’ strategy by delivering performance through Big Data implementations, logical data warehouses, and operational scenarios. In addition, Denodo’s new tool puts adoption on the fast-track by offering data virtualization functionality in the cloud and expedites the use of data by users with self-service data discovery and search.

Denodo Platform 6.0 offers the following functional enhancements:

  • Advanced Big Data optimization techniques. The Dynamic Query Optimizer minimizes network traffic and determines the best query plan to deliver optimum performance after reviewing data source statistics and indexes, as well as any characteristics that are specific to a particular Big Data source.
  • Support and connectivity for a variety of Big Data sources, including: Amazon AWS Redshift, Impala, and Apache Spark in addition to ongoing support for Teradata, Hive and others.
  • The first and only data virtualization tool provisioned as a virtual image on Amazon AWS Marketplace. This allows customers to buy an instance-based on the number of sources or by the number of concurrent queries and results sets.
  • Deno Resource Manager supports workload management with monitoring and diagnosis functionality for large deployments, giving stakeholders the ability to diagnose resource constraints.
  • A newly designed user interface, supporting agile development.
  • Improved security with Kerberos southbound.

Denodo’s CMO Ravi Shankar says: “Denodo 6.0 sets the gold standard for data virtualization software. Its Dynamic Query Optimizer is the only cost-based optimization engine to dynamically optimize queries at the data virtualization layer, which boosts performance, especially in big data scenarios. Also, by making our software available in the AWS marketplace, Denodo becomes the first data virtualization vendor to lower cost and ease-of-adoption barriers. And the new self-service capability will enable business users to search data directly at the data virtualization layer, an industry first.”

For the full press release, click here.

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