Denodo Unveils Newest Data Virtualization Tool at Annual User Conference

Denodo Unveils Newest Data Virtualization Tool at Annual User Conference

Source: Denodo

Data virtualization solution provider Denodo has announced the release of Denodo Platform 7.0. The company’s flagship product now features in-memory processing for big data, cloud, and other real-time data delivery scenarios. Version 7 offers a dynamic data catalog feature that enables business users to discover, prepare, and access in a self-service interface. The product was released at the company’s third-annual Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit.

Denodo is including out-of-the-box integrations for external data governance and cataloging tools with the release. The Denodo Governance Bridge allows customers to utilize bidirectional metadata sharing and create more complete stewardship and governance. Additionally, the product provides new and enhanced interfaces that contain elements designed for data analysts. It also has a centralized UI for administrators to manage deployments and orchestrate tasks.

The update adds a multi-location architecture for multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge scenarios, and was specifically designed to provide location transparency to minimize the movement of data between different locations. New lifecycle automation management capabilities help organizations better understand continuous delivery philosophies as well as more agile methodologies.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Denodo’s chief of technology Alberto Pan said: “An effective data virtualization solution will offer automation features to streamline data workflows. It should be capable of running on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. It should deliver unparalleled query performance, modern data services and provide a data catalog that not only lists data assets but also provides real-time access to each of them.”

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