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GlobalSCAPE Launches New Enhanced File Transfer 2020 Platform

GlobalSCAPE Launches New Enhanced File Transfer 2020 Platform
GlobalSCAPE Launches New Enhanced File Transfer 2020 Platform

Source: GlobalSCAPE on Twitter

GlobalSCAPE recently announced the launch of Enhanced File Transfer 2020, the eighth generation of its managed file transfer platform. The solution simplifies migrating data to the cloud while also supplying compliance controls for GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA. Advanced compliance features include user rights exercise controls, fine-grained compliance, and a built-in GDPR-Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) report. Collaboration has been improved, and there’s a revamped web transfer client and better auditing performance for high-volume customers.

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Enhanced File Transfer 2020 (ETF2020) touts a new suite of automation capabilities, including a first-time integration with Microsoft Windows PowerShell. GlobalSCAPE added this feature due to its observation surrounding the increased pressure on IT administrators “when required to meet constantly changing, increasingly complex and time-sensitive business workflows.” The result, according to the company “is even more flexibility when seeking to maximize efficiency in a compliant manner.”

When seeking to streamline collaborative workflows, the platform’s P2P additions include separate link and file expirations and passcode-protected pickups that help comply with retention and security policies. These enhancements remedy issues employees face when sharing files on a frequent basis.

In a media statement about the release, GlobalSCAPE Vice President of Product Strategy and Engineering Roberto Garcia said: “Superbly positioned to support data migrations to the cloud through its hybrid and 100% cloud-based options, EFT 2020 improves product performance, streamlines an FTP network’s architecture, enhances user experience, and offers a smoother integration with existing platforms. The forward-facing, user-focused simplicity of the platform makes following increasingly layered data compliance and privacy expectations automatic and clearer.”

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