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HVR 6.0 Touts New User Interface, Automated Workflows, Security

HVR 6.0 Touts New User Interface, Automated Workflows, Security
HVR 6.0 Touts New User Interface, Automated Workflows, Security

Source: HVR

HVR recently announced HVR 6.0, the latest version of its flagship offering that includes new features and enhanced capabilities. Headlined by a new user interface, the product enables more users to “move high volumes of critical operational data to specialized analytical warehouses, data lakes, and event platforms, organizations can improve operational processes, reduce costs, and empower faster decision making for a more optimized business.” HVR 6.0 can be completely managed through RESTful APIs as well.

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HVR is a high-volume real-time data replication solution that solves a variety of data integration use cases, including cloud, data lake, database and file replication, and database migration. The product allows organizations to move data bi-directionally between on-prem solutions and the cloud. Real-time data movement enables the ability to continuously analyze changes in data generated by transactional systems, machines, sensors, mobile devices, and more.

HVR 6.0’s table slicing feature can load massive tables quickly. The product also offers more operational data flows between on-prem, cloud, and intercloud than before. HVR 6.0 can now configure network encryption, making it secure by default. It enables encryption at rest and stores keys securely in a local wallet or Amazon KMS (Key Management Store) as well.

In a media statement on the news, HVR’s VP of Products Joe deBuzna said: “Enterprises understand the importance of DataOps and the role it plays in simplifying access to cross-organization operational data. Lack of easy, secure access has been a roadblock for countless data strategies. That roadblock has now been removed. With workflow automation, point-and-click design, built-in security and user-based access control (UBAC), HVR 6.0 is a modern data replication solution that offers a step toward the data democratization organizations need to kickstart their DataOps initiatives and help achieve their data-driven business goals.”

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