IBM Releases Trifacta-Powered InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

IBM Releases Trifacta-Powered InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

Source: IBM on YouTube

IBM recently announced the release of its new Trifacta-powered data preparation tool. IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation was designed to help users transform raw data by formatting, structuring and enriching it for analytic processing and standard reporting. The jointly developed solution works in conjunction with existing enterprise environments, as well as data lakes.

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IBM’s new data preparation tool is headlined by an intuitive dashboard for visualization the data prep process, including the progress of tracking data quality and lineage. With the resulting cleaned datasets, clients can move them into the business analytics tool of their choice. InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation lives atop a client’s data lake or data warehouse and provides automated transformations. The tool features a self-service user interface so business users and data scientists can access, explore, prepare and enrich data for analytics.

In an accompanying blog post, Trifacta CEO Adam Wilson spoke about the news, saying: “We’re excited to bring Trifacta’s self-service approach to data preparation to an innovative platform like IBM Infosphere and Watson to empower a broad base of business users in IBM’s ecosystem. This collaboration will empower organizations to accelerate data preparation for self-service analytics in a governed and centrally managed environment.”

You can learn more about the new product by watching this IBM overview on YouTube.

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