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Informatica Launches Major Updates to its Intelligent Data Platform

Informatica Launches Major Updates to its Intelligent Data Platform
Informatica Launches Major Updates to its Intelligent Data Platform

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Informatica recently announced updates to its Intelligent Data Platform, according to a press release on the company’s website. Enhancements are highlighted by new serverless capabilities for cloud data warehousing and data lakes, iPaaS automation, and updates to multi-domain MDM, Axon data governance, and Informatica’s data catalog. This announcement marks a major upgrade to Informatica’s flagship data platform.

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Informatica Cloud Data Integration (CDI) and Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-E) tools are getting more scalable and flexible integration, improved piushdown support for AWS, and integration with Operational Insights. CDI-E now touts support for hierarchical data types, as well as CLAIRE-powered Spark auto tuning, simple debugging with midstream, and enhanced Azure support. New cloud data quality features include parsing, de-duplciation and expanded data profiling with additional cleansing and verification.

Cloud Mass Ingestion, Informatica’s integrated data ingestion service, is being enhanced with broader support for DevOps with enhanced integration to GitHub for Mass Ingestion. There’s also streaming, files and databases expanded connectivity with Databricks delta support for files. New CLAIRE-powered data engineering pipeline recommendations, cross data pipeline categorization based on similarity, streaming data lineage, and data prep recipe recommendations are also being released.

Informatica’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) includes new patterns for cloud data quality, cloud application integration and API management, as well as DevOps support with CI/CD and GitHub team level integration. There are also more cloud-native capabilities for analytics and cloud data warehousing. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services will be available in Japan and Canada in the coming days.

Informatica MDM is being fitted with improved hierarchy management and graph-based relationship navigation. New pre-configured charts let you see data stewardship activities and search and drill-down from summary to details. Stewardship can be acquired at scale with one-click updates to multiple data records, as well as a visualization of the changes. The tool will include workflows based collaboration and dynamic data model creation for product data as well.

The Enterprise Data Catalog is improved with new metadata scanners for analytics applications like SAP BW and SAP BW/4HANA, streaming platforms like Apache Kafka, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, BI tools like Qlik Sense, and multi-vendor ETL tools. There’s also new extraction of granular data lineage from complex enterprise systems.

For more information on the new features coming to Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform, click here.

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