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Infoworks Now Touts Support for Nearly 200 Different Data Sources

Infoworks Now Touts Support for Nearly 200 Different Data Sources
Infoworks Now Touts Support for Nearly 200 Different Data Sources

Source: Infoworks

Infoworks recently announced a major update to its data operations and orchestration platform, according to a press release on the company’s website. The release is highlighted by extended data source connectivity to support more than 190 different source types. The full list of data sources can be seen here and includes data sources across on-prem, cloud applications, big data, NoSQL, mainframes, relational databases, data warehouses, structured, and hierarchical files and streaming data.

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Infoworks offers an automated data operations and orchestration platform called DataFoundry. The product provides a no-code environment for configuring the ingestion of data (batch, streaming, change data capture) from a variety of data sources. Infoworks uses native connectors when possible to provide ingestion feasible and ingest source data while automatically preserving data precision. It automatically crawls data sources and relational databases, learns the metadata and infers data relationships for ingested data from external data sources.

The range of data sources has exploded in recent years, and “Onboarding data from these sources and preparing it for analytics can be extremely complex, often manual and very time consuming”, according to Infoworks. The vendor helps organizations solve this problem via solution integration and abstraction away from the underlying infrastructure.

In a media statement about the news, Infoworks Chief Product Officer, CTO and co-founder Amar Arsikere said: “This new data source connectivity expansion allows data practitioners to rapidly onboard data and get critical projects up and running.  Infoworks’ automation and broad source connectivity frees up talent and time to make the best use of analytics, AI and machine learning to further business objectives.”

Learn more about the Infoworks data orchestration platform or explore a free trial.

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