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An Introduction to Data Virtualization and the Best Tools for 2019

An Introduction to Data Virtualization and the Best Tools for 2019

Data virtualization tools are being deployed by organizations that want to light a fire under their data discovery projects. With modern, distributed analytics solutions becoming the new norm, companies crave the ability to obtain a unified view of their data without having to move it. As an added benefit, users are able to make real-time changes to data sets without disrupting the data as it physically sits, allowing them to virtually integrate disparate data sources quickly.

As a strategic planning assumption, Gartner projects that by 2020, 35 percent of enterprise organizations will implement data virtualization as an alternative to data integration. As vendor integration tools continue to evolve and the markets shift toward a focus on big data, virtualization software has become a technology of interest for traditional DBMS, data integration, and application tool providers. As a result, different provider models have emerged to offer data virtualization tools, and both traditional data integration vendors and DBMS providers have jumped on board.

Check out this presentation, courtesy of the folks over at Denodo, that provides an in-context introduction to data virtualization. Be sure to continue reading after you view the slideshow for a shortlist of data virtualization providers we think are worth considering.

If you’re just beginning your search for a new data virtualization solution, the following providers are the cornerstones of the marketplace. Each logo links directly to the vendor’s website.


Denodo is a major player in the growing data virtualization tools marketplace. The company offers high-performance data integration and abstraction across a range of big data, enterprise, cloud, unstructured and real-time data services. Denodo also provides access to unified business data for business intelligence, data analytics, and single-view applications. The Denodo Platform is the only data virtualization solution to be provisioned as a virtual image on Amazon AWS Marketplace.

TIBCO Software offers an enterprise data virtualization platform that orchestrates access to multiple and varied data sources and delivers data sets and IT-curated data services for a wide variety of analytics solutions. The tool features an orchestrated data layer that provides analytics access, and centralized metadata control that allows users to go beyond simple data profiling to examine data, locate important entities, and reveal hidden relationships across distinct data sources.

Red Hat

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization is a data supply and integration solution that sits in front of multiple data sources and allows them to be treated as a single source, delivering the needed data in the required form at the exact moment an application or user requests it.  It performs on both Windows and Linux platforms, reducing adoption complexities. It offers top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability on both platforms.

Want to learn more? Here are five things you need to know about data virtualization.

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