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Is Gold Client Attunity’s Golden Goose?

Is Gold Client Attunity’s Golden Goose

Is Gold Client Attunity’s Golden Goose

With Big Data becoming a reality for many enterprises and becoming a pressing item on the docket, many corporations are realizing that there’s just too much work involved in Big Data data management to go in alone and are looking at solutions companies like Attunity to help them. Attunity is right on stride as they recently announced, at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, that their platform is now available for customers who are using SAP. The solution is called Gold Client and accelerates SAP HANA adoption and deployment.

Who is Attunity? If you haven’t heard, Attunity is a software solutions company that plays in the arenas of data replication, change data capture (CDC), data management, data connectivity, and cloud data delivery. Their products enable access, sharing, including Big Data, across hetergeneous platforms, on-premise and on the cloud.

Attunity acquired Gold Client from Hayes Technology in December 2013. I think it was a good play that will position Attunity in the Big Data market because SAP is a such a widely used platform and is present in many enterprises either in SAP only shops or in hybrid forms. When combining Attunity’s ability to handle Big Data and easy-to-integrate platforms, with Gold Client’s track record and accelerated deployment with SAP, the results of this marriage could be Attunity’s Golden Goose.

Matt Hayes, VP of SAP Business at Attunity states, “Solving data replication and test data management challenges is Attunity’s strength, and for over 12 years now, Gold Client Solutions has been helping customers maximize the value of their investments in SAP. We are excited to present continued innovations of Gold Client Solutions and our Deployment Accelerator offerings for customers and partners considering SAP HANA.

What do you think about the Attunity announcement of Gold Client? Do you think this help them strengthen their position in Big Data? Please post your thoughts.

Click here for the entire press release titled, “Attunity Introduces New Gold Client Solution to Accelerate SAP HANA® Adoption and Deployment.”

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