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IT Leaders Excited About Big Data but Uncertain on Deployment

IT Leaders Excited About Big Data but Uncertain on Implementation

SnapLogic, the leader in Enterprise Cloud Integration, released findings from a joint study, compiled with third party research firm Techvalidate, that revealed hesitance amongst leaders in the IT space around future big data initiatives. While organizations within the industry are interested in exploring how big data can help them enhance their analytics and business practices, uncertainty remains.

Limited resources in implementation and from a skills perspective are giving organizations pause. Further, those polled were also apprehensive when looking at how to achieve big data ROI, citing compliance barriers.

The study also found that while big data and Hadoop are popular buzz words, most companies either don’t know how or lack the capabilities to put those solutions into place. More than 100 professionals from large enterprises within the IT industry were queried, and the findings may have an impact on how solutions providers approach these organizations in the future.

SnapLogic’s Vice President of Marketing, Darren Cunningham explained: “Our survey shows there’s a good bit of indecision right now when it comes to big data plans and technologies. At the same time, the results show strong interest for using big data to achieve business goals, using integration data sets to quickly understand a customer’s changing needs.”

Here is what the SnapLogic Techvalidate survey found:

  • When asked what the top drivers for big data investments would be, 52 percent chose customer analytics, 40 percent cited operational analytics, and 38 percent thought data-driven products and the Internet of Things would play the largest role
  •  52 percent of those polled think that it’s too soon to say how big data investments will work with existing data management environments in the next 3 to 4 years, while 39 percent of respondents hold the opinion that investments will complement current platforms as much as possible
  • When polled on how exactly IT will fuse with big data, 52 percent said too soon to say, 34 percent think it will be in the form of new technology, and 15 percent believe big data will merge with existing ETL and ELT tools
  • When questioned about how organizations would distribute and use Hadoop, 78 percent didn’t know, 7 percent said Apache Hadoop, 6 percent cited Cloudera, 5 percent replied with MapR, and 3 percent of those polled explained that Hortonworks would be the way in which Hadoop was distributed and used
  • 81 percent didn’t know of any Hadoop tools that were already in use or planned for use, while 9 percent replied with MapReduce, 7 percent with Hive, 6 percent with Spark, and 5 percent with Pig, among others
  • 42 percent of respondents cited limited skills and resources as the largest barrier to big data ROI, while 41 percent chose compliance and security, and 34 percent explained that fragmentation was the top obstacle
  • Finally, the surveyors were asked what percentage of corporate data infrastructure they thought would be stored in the cloud over the next 3 to 5 years. 49 percent of respondents didn’t know, 15 percent said 31 to 60 percent and 13 percent said 61 to 99 percent

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