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Jitterbit Adds Cloud Studio and Connector Builder to Harmony Platform

Jitterbit Adds Cloud Studio and Connector Builder to Harmony Platform
Jitterbit Adds Cloud Studio and Connector Builder to Harmony Platform

Source: Jitterbit

Jitterbit has announced the release of its latest Integration Platform as a Service product with enhancements for the full spectrum of integration personas. Jitterbit Harmony Spring ’19 now provides capabilities specifically for business users and advanced integration specialists. The iPaaS update also features a new Cloud Studio and No-Code Connector Builder that enables non-technical users to integrate popular applications and systems. Jitterbit has also added a connector SDK and developer toolkit for integration specialists.

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Jitterbit’s Harmony platform provides connectivity to cloud and on-prem environments. The vendor’s API transformation capabilities are expansive, and allow organizations to create, run, secure, and manage APIs and microservices using the cloud. APIs can also be infused with artificial intelligence. Jitterbit’s most recent release brings support for a more wide range of users, including citizen integrators, ad hoc integrators and API developers.

Jitterbit is also including Docker support for private and non-private agents along with access to sandboxes to spin up and down test runs. The spring release adds more than 35 new API Manager capabilities as well, aimed at providing users advanced visibility and control over public and private API gateways.

In addition to the software news, Jitterbit has added 10 new courses, technology talks, and more than 800 pages of training and documentation, covering topics ranging from Cloud Studio Basics to API management, advanced administration and security best practices to its portfolio of resources. All of the classes are free to customers and offer unlimited live instructor access.

In a statement to the media, the company’s Chief of Strategy and CMO Simon Peel added: “There are 150,000 SaaS apps and 5,000 AI solutions today, and enterprises need an efficient way to connect these best-of-breed solutions to harness the value of this exploding number of new technologies. Jitterbit Harmony Spring ‘19 enables organizations to keep up with the rising demand for connectivity by giving users from across the enterprise the tools they need to handle different integration scenarios.”

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