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Jitterbit Launches Series of API360 Use Case-Driven Integration Templates

Jitterbit Launches Series of API360 Use Case-Driven Intrgration Templates
Jitterbit Launches Series of API360 Use Case-Driven Intrgration Templates

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Jitterbit recently announced the launch of Jitterbit API360, a new series of use-case driven process integration templates and best practices. According to the company’s press release: “Jitterbit API360 solutions help customers and partners create 360-degree views of their customers, employees, products and services journeys up to 80 percent faster than manual integrations.” The templates come via a combination of pre-built application connectors, integration recipes and best practices-based process delivery services.

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Jitterbit’s Harmony platform provides connectivity to cloud and on-prem environments. The vendor’s API transformation capabilities are expansive, and allow organizations to create, run, secure, and manage APIs and microservices using the cloud. APIs can also be infused with artificial intelligence. Jitterbit’s most recent release brings support for a more wide range of users, including citizen integrators, ad hoc integrators, and API developers.

Jitterbit API360 solutions include connectors to popular cloud and enterprise applications and databases, and can connect to any system that has an API or standards-based connectivity. Integration recipes provide endpoint-to-endpoint integrations, a single pre-built integration that moves data in one direction between like objects across two different applications or systems.

Jitterbit’s process templates ensure one or more workflows and endpoints, which enables pre-built use cases that hasten the execution of a specific business process across multiple applications or systems. The company is also offering fixed scope professional services as part of this package. The services incorporate proven best practices to provide customers with all the expertise they’ll need for a particular use case.

For a list of sample use cases currently available within API360, click here and scroll to the bottom. Additional use cases will be rolling out in the quarters to come.

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