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mParticle Receives Funding for their Mobile Data Integration Platform

mParticle Receives Funding for their Mobile Data Integration Platform

mParticle Receives Funding for their Mobile Data Integration PlatformWe are fortunate to live in a world of ever-changing technology. Each day technology advances to accommodate our ever-changing and evolving behaviors. For example, we are becoming more mobile as a society and like clockwork, technology is there to accommodate us. In a recent article called “mParticle Raises $1.5M, Aims To Become The Platform For Mobile Data Integration,” Anthony Ha reports on how mParticle received additional funding to launch their mobile data integration platform.

mParticle has already raised $4.5 million to fund their data integration platform aimed to target mobile developers. This will allow mobile app developers to integrate with mParticle instead of installing numerous software development kits to collect data.

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The platform will then take care of collecting the data and moving it to different services. This means the developer can now try out new services without worrying about damaging the performance of their app or going through the App Store approval process each time.

For instance, co-founder and CEO Michael Katz said that mParticle developers often integrate with a crash reporting tool, plus at least one analytics product, plus another product for push notifications, and another for email, and yet another for ad attribution. Without a service like mParticle, he said the likely result is “app bloat from all these third party libraries.”

“There’s a shift away from the browser,” Katz said. “So whether you’re talking about mobile apps, wearable apps, and ultimately apps in your automobiles and smart TVs, you’re going to need data solutions that are built to deal with the complexities of browserless environments.”

Michael Katz added that he raised the additional money to leverage the growth that mParticle has seen so far, with plans to raise a Series A next year. This round of funding came from new and existing investors including Bowery Capital, Harbinger Capital, and Battery Ventures.

Click here to read the entire TechCrunch article written by Anthony Ha.

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