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MuleSoft Unveils Crowd for API Reuse and Application Networking

MuleSoft Unveils Crowd for API Reuse and Application Networking
MuleSoft Unveils Crowd for API Reuse and Application Networking

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MuleSoft recently announced Crowd, the newest iteration of their Anypoint Platform. The tool features a set of collaboration capabilities so users can create, save and reuse APIs and other integration assets to build an entire application network. Crowd also includes updates to Anypoint Exchange and the company’s new Anypoint Design Center. The release  targets line-of-business users and enables them to run their own integration jobs on-demand.

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Exchange is now integrated with all components of Anypoint Design Center, including the flow designer and the API designer. Reusable assets are suggested and promoted as users design APIs and integration flows. Every reusable asset has a portal. Within an asset portal, users can view the full list of other assets that have dependencies on it, providing visibility and insight into potential impact from changes to the asset.

Users can save API fragments (libraries, security schemes and data models) from within API designer into Exchange for discovery and reuse. API fragments can then be used for building any API spec, ensuring consistent, secure API design anywhere in the enterprise. Additionally, users can promote APIs across different environments via CI/CD automation.

Additional highlights include:

  • Web-based flow designer and guided flow design for integration flows provide step-by-step suggestions based on actions that users take for best practices
  • Ratings and reviews enable users comments and replies on any asset within Exchange to provide feedback, answer questions and offer suggestions
  • Re-tooled UI provides improved search, enhanced manual assist publication flow and support for OpenAPI Specification asset portal

In a statement, the vendor’s top product officer Mark Dao added: “With Crowd, central IT and product teams have a unified way to bring people, process and technology together to build an application network without losing governance and control. Different teams can collaborate on building APIs and integration while driving toward a common outcome on a shared platform.

Read the press release.

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