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MuleSoft Unveils Latest Version of Anypoint with DataGraph Platform

MuleSoft Unveils Latest Version of Anypoint with DataGraph Platform
MuleSoft Unveils Latest Version of Anypoint with DataGraph Platform

Source: MuleSoft

MuleSoft recently announced the release of the latest version of its flagship integration and API platform, MuleSoft Anypoint with DataGraph. The latest version, which the company is referring to as a “major release” enables developers to quickly access and serve data from multiple existing APIs with a single query, and without having to write any code. MuleSoft’s Anypoint DataGraph will be generally available this month.

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MuleSoft offers an application delivery network that connects data, applications, and devices with APIs. The vendor enables organizations to improve their applications through integration while also providing API connectivity to a wide variety of on-prem and cloud-based applications and systems. MuleSoft provides both traditional and Integration Platform as a Service products and touts a growing capabilities portfolio.

MuleSoft Anypoint DataGraph lets users consume data from multiple APIs with one GraphQL query. This enables developers to replace custom code for many API requests with a managed service. There are also dozens of new connectors for automating business processes. New connectors include Automation Anywhere, Google Sheets, JIRA, Netsuite, and Stripe. Anypoint touts new MuleSoft Accelerators for SAP, financial services and retail as well.

In a media statement on the news, MuleSoft Chief Product Officer Meir Amiel said “Every industry is under pressure to deliver digital innovation faster to meet rising customer expectations and adapt to changing market dynamics. Any digital project requires integration, data, security, governance and APIs. With MuleSoft, companies are rethinking their approach to integration and APIs based on secure, reusable building blocks to solve their most immediate need and lay the foundation for ongoing innovation.”

Read Introducing the MuleSoft May 2021 product release to learn more, or view full release details.

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