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Naveego Adds Data Integration to Complete Data Accuracy Platform

Naveego Adds Data Integration to Complete Data Accuracy Platform
Naveego Adds Data Integration to Complete Data Accuracy Platform

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Naveego has announced the release of a new version of its Complete Data Accuracy Platform, according to a blog post on the company’s website. The updated version features end-to-end, self-service data integration with built-in Master Data Management. The new data integration and replication functionality enables users to connect and transform all data sources for analytics. Naveego supports on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments and has partnerships with Azure, AWS, Rancher, Google Cloud and Oracle.

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Naveego integrates all your data with existing applications to deliver insights without interrupting workflows. The Complete Data Accuracy Platform identifies problem data based on defined rules, automatically tracks it, and stores it in the Data Quality Queue. The solution also mitigates human error by detecting related data from multiple systems and combining it into a master set. Naveego is based in Michigan and was founded in 2014.

The addition of transactional data integration and replication transforms the Complete Data Accuracy Platform into a full-featured data integration solution. The user interface has been redesigned with new self-service features as well, aimed at helping non-technical users accomplish data tasks faster. New data compliance capabilities provide GDPR support and the customer’s ‘right to be forgotten’, as well as a catalog for all your data for full lineage and audit. Naveego also now ties into cloud vendor hosted services, and Data Masking and Obfuscation shield confidential data from unintended exposure.

In a statement about the news, Naveego CEO Katie Horvath said: “The Naveego platform makes it easy for organizations to integrate all their core business data without having to maintain and support custom integrations and data pipelines. Naveego’s self-service data integration with built-in MDM enables Day-One Analytics that empowers companies to innovate faster, continuously improve through real-time feedback and responses and make smarter business decisions to increase shareholder value.”

Learn more about the Naveego Complete Data Accuracy Platform.

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