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Oracle Unveils Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate Service Offering

Oracle Unveils Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate Service Offering
Oracle Unveils Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate Service Offering

Source: Oracle

Oracle recently announced the release of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate service, which makes its GoldenGate data integration technology available via a fully-managed cloud service. The product provides customers with a real-time data fabric platform to design, executive, orchestrate, and monitor their data replication and streaming data events. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate service also touts an elastic, pay-per-use framework for general purpose database replication, data integration and real-time ingestion to the cloud.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

Oracle offers a full spectrum of data integration tools for traditional use cases as well as modern ones, in both on-prem and cloud deployments. The company’s product portfolio features technologies and services that allow organizations to full lifecycle data movement and enrichment. Oracle data integration provides pervasive and continuous access to data across heterogeneous systems via bulk data movement, transformation, bidirectional replication, metadata management, data services, and data quality for customer and product domains.

OCI GoldenGate addresses event-based data integration for operational databases and analytic data stores. Oracle’s latest enables the same technology to be applied to mission-critical operational data stores as well as for real-time data warehouses, data lakes and streaming analytics. The product also automates many functions like configuration, workload scaling, and patching while maintaining high availability. The user interface simplifies on-prem to cloud integrations, multi-region data synchronization, data pipelines, and multi-cloud database replication as well.

In a media statement on the news, Oracle EVP of Mission-Critical Database Technologies Juan Loaiza said “Oracle GoldenGate is a highly trusted data integration solution for thousands of customers worldwide, including 84 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies. Oracle is now delivering the enterprise-hardened GoldenGate technology as a cloud-native elastic service to provide customers a simple-to-use, integrated, operational and analytic real-time data fabric. It cuts both the time and cost of creating a data integration solution in half compared to the options provided on competing clouds.”

Read New OCI GoldenGate Service is First of Any Major Cloud Provider to Deliver Operational and Analytic Integration into a Single Data Fabric in the company’s blog or watch Replicate Data in the Cloud Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate on YouTube.

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