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Qlik Follows Up Acquisition with New Application Automation Tool

Qlik Follows Up Acquisition with New Application Automation Tool
Qlik Follows Up Acquisition with New Application Automation Tool

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Qlik announced the launch of Qlik Application Automation, a no-code, cloud-native solution that automates workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Cloud. The automated workflows now possible with Qlik Application Automation can trigger alerts, invoke downstream processes, and enhance collaboration. Enabled by its October 2020 acquisition of Belgium-based, the solution offers a drag-and-drop approach while also featuring reusable templates so teams can ensure consistency.

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Qlik offers a range of integration capabilities that span four product lines. The flagship product is Qlik Replicate, a tool that replicates, synchronizes, distributes, consolidates, and ingests data across major databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop. The portfolio is buoyed by Qlik Compose for data lake and data warehouse automation and Qlik Catalog for enterprise self-service cataloging. Qlik also offers Integration Platform as a Service functionality through its product, which touts API connectivity, no-code integration and application automation.

Qlik Application Automation touts smart connectivity and blocks for connecting to leading applications and a simple user interface designed for business users but that also includes advanced tools like conditions, variables, loops, data mapping, and error handlers. A dynamic automation trigger capability lets users invoke automation flows from a variety of mechanisms to suit specific business needs as well.

In a media statement on the news, Qlik Chief Product Officer James Fisher said: “With Qlik Application Automation’s no-code, drag and drop approach to automating tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and hundreds of SaaS apps, teams can more easily create the scalable connections and data flows that compel action and shorten time to value from data throughout their entire organization.”

Watch Qlik App Automation – Brief Overview and Demo on the company’s YouTube channel to learn more.

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