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SnapLogic Adds Artificial Intelligence to Spring 2017 Integration Release

SnapLogic Adds Artificial Intelligence to Spring 2017 Integration Release
SnapLogic Adds Artificial Intelligence to Spring 2017 Integration Release

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SnapLogic recently announced the availability of its spring 2017 integration offering, featuring artificial intelligence technology that aims to hasten analytics. The major AI-powered feature is SnapLogic Integration Assistant, a recommendation engine that uses machine learning to provide step-by-step guidance for building data pipelines. The enhancement is available free of charge to customers, and according to SnapLogic, can work at up to a 90 percent accuracy rate.

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The Spring 2017 release introduces brand new and enhanced features that zone in on CRM, HR and cloud data warehousing initiatives. The update includes a new ‘Snap Pack’ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration, and upgraded Snaps for Workday, Anaplan, Amazon Redshift, Confluent, Tableau, and Apache Hive. Additionally, Snaps for encrypting and decrypting sensitive data at a granular level are also a part of the platform.

SnapLogic’s AI technology is named Iris, and it uses advanced algorithms to automate repetitive development tasks that eliminate integration backlogs. Iris learns from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flows across the vendor’s platform. The software acts in an autonomous manner that shortens the learning curve for non-technical business users so that they may manage data flows that interest them most.

In a statement, the company’s top technology officer, James Markarian commented on the new product: “For the longest time, the common wisdom was that the only way to solve an integration problem was to throw armies of developers at it. All of that changes today. With the delivery of our Iris AI technology and the Integration Assistant, we are embarking on a new direction to bring machine learning to data and application integration. Customers now have a choice that uses intelligent software, not manual labor, to make integration fast and easy with no coding. We expect AI will trump APIs as the next big thing for integration.”

Current SnapLogic integration customers have been updated to the Spring 2017 release.

Read the full press release.

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