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SnapLogic Hastens Data Lake Initiatives with SnapLogic eXtreme

SnapLogic Hastens Data Lake Initiatives with SnapLogic eXtreme
SnapLogic Hastens Data Lake Initiatives with SnapLogic eXtreme

Source: SnapLogic

SnapLogic recently announced the general availability of SnapLogic eXtreme, a tool that reduces the resources required for operating big data architectures in the cloud. The solution extends the vendor’s Enterprise Integration Cloud to eliminate barriers associated with creating cloud-based data lakes. SnapLogic eXtreme was launched in beta back in May.

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SnapLogic offers an expansive set of native iPaaS capabilities to support a variety of use cases. Enterprise Integration Cloud features a web-based user interface for both IT and line-of-business users. The platform includes over 400 pre-built connectors, and the Monitoring Dashboard provides visibility into the health of cloud integrations with system performance dashboards, drill-down capabilities, triggered event notifications, and Iris AI-based recommendations.

eXtreme features an automated, fully managed cloud-based big data runtime environment that includes integration through iPaaS, processing (BDaaS), and data storage. The platform populates data lakes by utilizing more than 450 pre-built, intelligent connectors (called Snaps) for Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, MongoDB, AWS Redshift, and other applications and data stores. The solution also allows for the simple connection to managed Hadoop services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

In a statement to the press, the company’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Vaikom Krishnan said: “Data-driven insights top every business leader’s priority list, but most data lake projects fail to progress beyond the pilot phase due to technical complexity, high costs, and shortage of talent. With SnapLogic eXtreme, we are eliminating the technical and cost barriers to big data services just as we democratized application and data integration with the Enterprise Integration Cloud and Iris AI.”

Current customers can access eXtreme from their existing Enterprise Integration Cloud Platform now.

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