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SnapLogic May 2020 Touts New Integration Building, Iris AI Features

SnapLogic May 2020 Touts New Integration Building, Iris AI Features
SnapLogic May 2020 Touts New Integration Building, Iris AI Features

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SnapLogic has announced the release of SnapLogic May 2020, the latest version of the San Mateo-based vendor’s Intelligent Integration Platform. The update is highlighted by the addition of new Iris artificial intelligence features that enable simple pipeline building, as well as collaboration functionality via Stickies. SnapLogic May 2020 also includes workflow automation with SAP S/4HANA Snaps. Iris AI uses artificial intelligence to automate highly repetitive, low-level development tasks.

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SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform provides integration across applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. It allows both IT and business users to create data pipelines that can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. The platform features an HTML5 visual designer and a proprietary AI algorithm called Iris that learns common integration patterns and drives self-service by recommending flows.

A new Mask Snap protects sensitive or personally identifiable information like social security numbers, email addresses, names, street dresses, and birth-dates. The feature has embedded Iris AI that provides suggestions on the fields you should mask, recommended search mode, recommended match mode, and recommended masking options. Iris AI now provides configuration recommendations for configuring a database or an application Snap as well. Iris employs over five years of metadata information and usage patterns to determine the most commonly used schemas.

The new Stickies feature enables you to create and post notes on the Designer canvas to annotate different parts of the pipeline and document the workings of a pipeline in detail. Stickies reside at the pipeline level and complement the Snap level ‘note’ feature already present in the platform. SnapLogic’s Dashboard tab now includes enhanced insights that help improve operational efficiency with a view of historic usage and trends across key performance indicators. There’s also a new Task tab that provides a level view of your SnapLogic deployment.

Rounding out the SnapLogic May 2020 release are improvements to SnapLogic eXtreme support for managed big data services. The product now touts better account encryption and cross-account IAM roles. The new account encryption utilizes Amazon KMS assymetric-keys while cross-account IAM Role lets SnapLogic assume an authorized role for the purpose of managing the lifecycle of Amazon EMR clusters that run Spark mode data transformations.

Learn more about SnapLogic May 2020 in the company’s blog or watch Platform Updates on YouTube.

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