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Solution Spotlight: Justransform Data Integration Platform


An important part of our evolving coverage of the enterprise Data Integration tools market here at Solutions Review is to introduce new and innovative vendors that offer unique solutions. Since our main focus is to assists buyers in selecting a solution provider that best meets organizational needs, we thought it would be worthwhile to introduce Justransform and their end-to-end platform for integration, management and analysis.

With enterprises moving rapidly towards real-time operations, they require real-time access to data from extended business systems. In conjunction with this trend, data tends to be scattered across a variety of different locations and inside multiple applications and tools. Justransform offers a unique solution because it accounts for integration appliances, cloud, Big Data, mobile devices, and most importantly, people. In addition, the tool offers native support for every standard B2B transmission protocol.

Some of the notable features inside Justransform’s platform include:

Collaborative Online Data Mapping

The company’s new JTMapper is an online collaborative any-to-any mapper which works entirely inside a user’s browser, requiring no desktop studio or software to install and supports almost every EDI, XML, Flat file transformation. The transformation process is a simple drag-and-drop, allowing users to create new maps and make changes on the fly without an expensive IT project.

Cloud, Big Data and B2B Unification

Justransform can feed data into any Big Data solution by pulling data from a hybrid of in-house and cloud systems. The online mapper can map multiple input sources into a common unified target for user processing. The maps can then be developed into a collaborative environment so the entire team from customers to developers will have the same view of the transformation rules.

Spreadsheet as a Platform

This feature allows for the creation of sleek and dynamic web applications using Justransform’s data and view model. Users can upload existing Excel workbooks and convert them into powerful collaborative webapps, for use as a complete project management application. Users can launch any lightweight business process in days, using existing Excel skills to define exceptions and visualizations.

To learn more about the Justransform Data Integration Platform, check out their website.

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