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Solutions Review Sits Down with iCEDQ CTO Sandesh Gawande

Solutions Review Sits Down with iCEDQ CTO Sandesh Gawande

Solutions Review recently had the chance to sit down with iCEDQ CTO Sandesh Gawande in our Boston studio to discuss why ETL testing and data monitoring are key components of any modern data integration strategy. Gawande explains how iCEDQ came to be and how the company likes to think about the problems organizations face when working with data. He explains that even though ETL monitoring may not be “fashionable”, it is becoming increasingly important in enterprise settings, especially those with stringent compliance regulations.

Gawande added that the majority of large organizations have no strategic data monitoring or operations technologies in place, putting them at risk for non-compliance or worse. These organizations either do their own manual testing, according to Gawande, or they re-create the ETL process to ensure that a small number of records have been processed. He argues that this is both time consuming and ineffective.

iCEDQ brings a holistic approach to data testing, quality assurance controls, and monitoring from project planning, building, and data operations. It features a high-performance and scalable in-memory rules execution engine that validates large datasets to meet demanding and stringent SLAs. Its included suite of modules and automation capabilities lower implementation costs and hasten deployment.

Check out the full interview below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

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