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Splunk and Syncsort Combine Expertise for Mainframe Machine Data

Splunk and Syncsort Combine Expertise for Mainframe Machine Data

Splunk and Syncsort Combine Expertise for Mainframe Machine DataIn a recent announcement, Splunk and Syncsort unveil that they will be working together to deliver machine data insights from mainframes.  What does each company bring to the table in this “technical partnership?” Splunk is a provider of software for real-time Operational Intelligence (cloud-based data analysis), and Syncsort is a provider of high performance Big Data software (on-premise data analysis).

Together, they will unlock insights from machine data created by mainframe systems, which is a powerful source of business information. This allows organizations to search, analyze, and visualize enormous amounts of mainframe data with the simplicity, scalability, and efficiency of Splunk.  This alliance also enables customers to analyze data across the corporation to gain Operational Intelligence.

The customers who will benefit from this “technical partnership” are top Fortune 500 telcos, retailers, insurance, healthcare and financial organizations that rely on this type of information on mainframe to make business operations decisions with data that was not previously available to them. For the first time, companies will be able to get immediate visibility into mainframe data.

In a Syncsort press release that describes this alliance, “Syncsort makes it simple to collect, transform and forward mainframe log data, such as Systems Management Facilities (SMF) records and mainframe application data into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms for correlation and analysis.”

In addition to correlation and analysis, in an age when security is becoming increasingly important, Sanjay Mehta, Vice President of Product Marketing at Splunk said,

“Mainframes still play a key role in many organizations’ IT infrastructures and produce a substantial amount of corporate data. Our alliance with Syncsort enables organizations to more easily monitor and quickly identify potential security risks, operational or system failures, and customer financial transaction activities from all systems.”

Another benefit is that all of this can be achieved non-intrusively, without disrupting the mainframe environment.

“Many organizations rely on Big Iron for critical business applications and need to unlock operational intelligence hidden in mainframe records to gain valuable insights into the customer experience, security and other key business metrics,” said Bryan Ashley, vice president, business development, Syncsort. “This alliance will allow customers to use Syncsort’s powerful engine to efficiently collect and transform targeted mainframe data, without disrupting the mainframe operating environment, and load it into Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud for real-time analytics.”

To learn more about this alliance, click here for the Syncsort press release entitled “Splunk and Syncsort Alliance Delivers Machine Data Insights from Mainframes.”

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