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Striim 3.6 Touts Kafka, Salesforce Integration, IoT Processing


Striim recently announced the launch of version 3.6 of its end-to streaming Data Integration and intelligence platform. The new release delivers significant advances in streaming integration, with a focus on enterprise-grade deployments and enhanced ease of use for end-users. Highlights of the release include Amazon Cloud, Apache Kafka, and Salesforce integrations, Smart Edge Processing for IoT, Streaming Event Replay for un-rewindable sources, and 15 new wizards to facilitate continuous movement of change data captured from enterprise databases.

The newest version of Striim’s platform also adds support for HBase as a target. In addition, a new metadata browser allows users to reference and introspect assets they’ve created from within the streaming application they are constructing from with the streaming application of choice. The Striim platform introduces support for both Amazon Redshift and S3 as data targets, allowing users to ingest and process data from virtually any data source. Striim users can now quickly and easily leverage Kafka within the platform to make every data source re-playable, enabling recovery even for streaming sources that cannot be rewound.

The latest version of Striim also includes a new Salesforce adapter. This adapter can be leveraged in two modes. Users can retrieve everything for an object type in Salesforce. As the volume of IoT data continues to grow, it is even more critical for companies to filter device data at the edge. Striim enables companies to embed filter logic into the device or sensor agent itself. With Striim 3.6.1, capturing and moving change data from enterprise databases has never been easier. 15 new Wizards enable rapid deployment of streaming solutions for moving change data from a variety of databases (including Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL), into a variety of targets (including Hadoop, Kafka and Amazon Redshift).

Alok Pareek, Founder and EVP of Products at Striim concludes: “Striim has been designed from the ground up to enable the continuous collection, processing and analysis of high-speed streaming and messaging data, providing a foundation for enterprise adoption of the lambda architecture. In version 3.6.1, we made enormous strides in handling the diverse data requirements of enterprise-grade streaming applications, as well as with the platform’s ease-of-use and monitoring capabilities.”

Click here to read Striim’s full press release.

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