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Striim Unveils Enterprise-Class IoT Data Management Platform

Striim Unveils Enterprise-Class IoT Data Management Platform
Striim Unveils Enterprise-Class IoT Data Management Platform

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Striim recently announced Striim IoT, a streaming management solution for the Internet of Things. The tool focuses on addressing data issues inside the IoT infrastructure, which includes managing expanding data volumes, integrating IoT data cross-enterprise, and zoning in on security issues associated with connected devices. In its simplest use case, the Striim platform enables immediate in-flight filtering, transformation and aggregation of IoT data at the edge.

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Striim Edge Controller is a key component to the tool, offering data management and monitoring frameworks that allow users to manage servers in a scalable way. Users can build and modify edge processing and analytics flows within Striim Server, so that they can be pushed to any edge server they want. In a similar fashion, users can monitor the status of the Striim platform running on edge servers to gain a real-time view of streaming integrations and analytics tools for IoT use cases.

The Striim platform enables organizations to integrate mass-amounts of sensor and device data in real-time with a wide variety of streaming data sources cross-enterprise. The organization can then perform streaming data processing and analytics in whichever location makes the most sense. This all happens while the data is in flight, before the data loses operational value.

In a statement, the company’s founder and CTO Steve Wilkes added: “Even though many companies are using edge analytics for their IoT data, they are really limiting themselves by evaluating and acting on siloed data. There are many other sources of data to be considered, such as transactional data, log files, message queues and events, that, when correlated with IoT data, can provide a well-rounded view for decision makers within a company.”

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