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Study: Execs Unhappy with Big Data and Hadoop Initiatives

Big Data Thumbs Down

Actian, one of Solutions Review’s Top 24 data integration vendors as noted in our solutions directory, recently published the results to a global study they sponsored outlining the views of 106 C-level executives, IT leaders, and data scientists. Spanning more than 25 industries, the study shows that Hadoop immaturity creates concerns amongst those polled while SQL analytics is still dominant in delivering contextual insights that grow revenues and improve customer experiences.

The May 2015 survey found that big data has been a big problem for many organizations who adopted early on, and it has not lived up the hype. Company’s widely regard data as their most important asset. However, 77 percent of respondents claim that their big data and analytics deployments are failing or have failed to meet expectations. The moral of the story here? Organizations need better tools to gain insights from their data.

Ashish Gupta, Actian’s CMO and Senior Vice President of Business Development provides his take: “We are living in a very disruptive time when organizations are using data to outcompete and create new revenue and customer pathways. Actian commissioned this survey to capture the sentiments of top organizations involved in today’s data-led technology evolution and to understand what separates the winners from the losers. The survey results echoed what we’ve been hearing directly from organizations of various sizes – painful trial and error has revealed that traditional database technologies are failing to deliver on analytical workloads, so they have turned to Hadoop for help. The problem is, while Hadoop is a very cost-effective place to store massive amounts of data, most are finding it’s too immature to manage enterprise-grade, high-performance analytics jobs needed to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Here are some more factoids from the study:

  • 81 percent of those polled said that data analytics-driven business growth is their number-one priority over the next year
  • 58 percent of responders claimed that gaining customer knowledge topped their priority list over the next 12 months
  • 51 percent of respondents say that Hadoop has the ability to make existing analytics operations more efficient, yet only 5 percent said they are asking for Hadoop on their wish list
  • Only 33 percent of those polled said Hadoop provides a cost-effective, scalable way to store large pools of data
  • 20 percent said that Hadoop is difficult to use and requires talent not currently possessed by their organization. In addition, the same percentage of respondents said that Hadoop needs tooling to make it more enterprise-friendly, secure, and fast
  • 40 percent said that if they could change something about Hadoop, they would enable access to Hadoop data via SQL and BI tools

Enterprise companies depend on the insights they gain from their data. To outpace the competition and engage customers, businesses need to put data to work for them. Supporting technologies that are going to deliver insights quickly and accurately are (hopefully) on the way.

Click here for Actian’s full press release.

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