Syncsort Adds New Change Data Capture Functionality to Data Integration Tool

Syncsort Adds New Change Data Capture Functionality to Data Integration Tool

Source: Syncsort

Syncsort has announced new change data capture capabilities inside its suite of data integration products called Syncsort Integrate. The release enables continuous, real-time data streaming from multiple data sources to applications. Syncsort’s data integration tools now combine streaming change data capture with stream-processing platforms like Kafka and Amazon Kinesis. The new capabilities provide users the ability to create data pipelines with both stream-processing platforms as well as Hadoop data lake targets, on-prem and in the cloud. The tools are now also Hadoop 3.0 compliant and Cloudera CDH 6.0 certified.

Syncsort offers its data integration capabilities via three distinct platforms, Syncsort DMX, DMX-h, and Ironstream. The company’s flagship tool is DMX, a solution that brings all data transformations into a high-performance ETL engine. Syncsort DMX allows users to hasten database queries and applications by putting relational databases to best use. The Intelligent Execution feature dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms based on the data structures and system attributes it encounters at run-time.

Syncort’s data integration software is unique because it protects against data loss if a connection is temporarily disrupted with a source or target system by keeping a close track of exactly where it left off. It will then automatically restart at that exact point without manual intervention, so no data will be duplicated or missing from the target system.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Director of Product Management Harald Smith said: “Our new capabilities for a versatile data architecture allow users to create a data pipeline incorporating both stream-processing platforms and Hadoop data lake targets, on-premise and in the cloud. We’re especially excited about our true streaming CDC capabilities, which protect against data loss by keeping track of where a connection left off and automatically restarting at that exact point without manual intervention, a major differentiator of our data integration approach.”

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