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Syncsort Releases New Change Data Capture Tool Called Connect CDC

Syncsort Releases New Change Data Capture Tool Called Connect CDC
Syncsort Releases New Change Data Capture Tool Called Connect CDC

Source: Syncsort

Syncsort has announced the release of Connect CDC, a new real-time change data capture and data replication product. The solution enables organizations to stream application data from disparate on-prem and cloud data sources, including the mainframe. Connect CDC is now a part of the company’s portfolio of data integration software, and it integrates with the Kafka schema registry to support governance with security frameworks like Kerberos.

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Connect CDC supports streaming application data from traditional systems and legacy databases (including Db2/z and VSAM) to business applications and business intelligence platforms. It also helps to keep data lakes in sync with enterprise data stores, on-prem and across multiple cloud environments. The solution can be used for modernizing, re-platforming and consolidating databases as well.

The new release offers fault-tolerant data delivery that automatically recovers from network or server outages without manual intervention or resynchronization. Connect CDC monitors for collisions and resolves conflicts to ensure data integrity too. Syncsort has also included a number of enterprise-grade capabilities that support data governance with new Kafka schema registry integration in addition to existing Cloudera Navigator and Atlas support. In this way, the tool maintains an audit trail for compliance, keeps data secure, and helps to minimize system and network resource utilization.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Chief Product Officer David Hodgson told us: “Connect CDC is specifically designed to make it easier for large enterprises to access and share data across their entire organization, while supporting data governance and ensuring their data won’t be lost or duplicated in the event of a network failure. We’re excited to offer this software, which also features integration with Apache Kafka, Cloudera Navigator and Atlas, to our customers for increased trust and confidence in data delivery.”

You can read more about Syncsort Connect CDC in the company’s blog.

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