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Talend Data Fabric Gets Winter ’20 Update with Data Inventory Module

Talend Data Fabric Gets Winter '20 Update with Data Inventory Module
Talend Data Fabric Gets Winter '20 Update with Data Inventory Module

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Talend has announced the release of its Winter ’20 version of Talend Data Fabric, according to a press release. The update makes Talend Cloud Data Inventory available for the first time, a feature that automatically calculates the Data Intelligence Score of all data across an organization. The score is then presented in a self-service cloud app for users. Talend Data Fabric Winter ’20 also touts a number of AI and cloud connectivity capabilities.

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Talend offers an expansive portfolio of data integration and data management tools. Talend Data Fabric is a hybrid integration platform that intelligently connects, integrates, and shares data with build-in data quality and governance. The product evolves siloed data to a stream of data that any user can leverage. With a strong portfolio of tools for varied use cases and user personas, Talend remains a major player in this space.

Data Inventory is a new cloud-based app designed for self-service that inventories and quality checks data to establish insight so users don’t need to repeatedly build the same datasets. Connectivity to Microsoft Azure (ADLS Gen 2, Azure Data Factory for Talend Data Catalog), Amazon Web Services (AWS Glue for Talend Data Catalog), and Google Cloud are the main cloud enhancements present in the release. There is also new and expanded connectivity for Workday, Databricks Delta Lake, Snowflake, Cloudera, and others.

Talend Pipeline Designer now provides an in-flight data quality feature that eliminates quality issues before data is consumed or replicated. No coding or complex transformations are required which makes it easier for citizen integrators to increase development. A suite of APIs enable the automation of integration tasks, hasten cloud project delivery, and deliver quality data. Talend Data Fabric now offers an automatic trust score as well.

In a media statement about the release, Talend Senior Vice President of Products Ciaran Dynes said: “Winter ‘20 continues our commitment to partnering with customers on their digital transformation journeys and ensuring their data becomes a valuable business asset rather than a liability. The innovations introduced in Talend Data Fabric will provide our customers with dramatically improved efficiency, optimized productivity and scale, and accelerated path to discovering value from data.”

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