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Talend Introduces Program to Streamline DI Migration

Talend Introduces Program to Streamline DI Migration

Talend Introduces Program to Streamline DI Migration










If you are looking to upgrade from a legacy data integration (DI) solution, you’re now in luck! Talend, a global leader in DI software, has introduced a fast and risk-free way to enter into the 21st century. Talend’s Fast Forward program will help empower companies to modernize their data architectures and enable them to move to more open, cost-effective and flexible platforms. The program delivers a system proven to minimize conversion time by 50 percent so organizations can then transition to the integration solution of their choice. Some of the most notable DI software offerings are provided by Informatica, IBM, Talend, and others.

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Organizations who choose to migrate from their legacy solution to Talend can benefit almost instantly from the full potential of a unified integration platform that simplifies the development process and offer comprehensive capabilities for integration, master data management (MDM) and data quality. Once the migration to Talend is completed, users can grasp the full power of Hadoop and turn the process into a single drag-and-drop one, enabling the business to embrace the latest in big data innovation. Once this is complete, organizations can address both batch integration and real-time scenarios.

The Fast Forward program includes:

  • A comprehensive review of current integration projects with determination of opportunities to consolidate or convert for Talend
  • Execution of the conversion process using sample integration hobs to prove the process and determine the effort needed to fully migrate all of the jobs
  • Deployment plan development to convert all current DI jobs to Talend software
  • Proper training and education of users as to support the administration of the new environment
  • Support customization to assist in building the business plan and outline ROI expectations resulting from adopting Talend

Many are predicting a boom in data integration in the coming days as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data become more important, if not vital to the success of the contemporary digital business. In that, many organizations inside and outside of the enterprise will be looking to make the leap from their old legacy DI solutions to newer ones that can handle larger volumes of data. Talend’s new migration program will be a welcomed site to those who are looking to integrate themselves into the future of data. No pun intended.

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