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Talend Provides 360-Degree View of Data with Integration Cloud

Talend Innovating with new Integration Cloud Solution

Talend Innovating with new Integration Cloud SolutionThis morning, Talend released “the next big thing” in data integration (DI), unveiling a powerful new solution called Talend Integration Cloud, software to help advance the data-driven enterprise. The hosted cloud integration platform provides instant, flexible and secure capacity so IT professionals can shift their workloads between local (on-premise) and the cloud. These features help to increase speed, performance and efficiency, ultimately lowering costs.

Talend Integration Cloud gives users a single solution for bulk, batch and real-time DI across hundreds of different data sources, including Hadoop, Amazon Redshift and NoSQL databases.

Enterprises face a challenge in combining data while it’s trapped in individual silos. That issue is made worse by the fact that many new integration flows extend beyond the firewall. This has created a need for DI processes to run anywhere across a hybrid environment, something that Talend thinks they have solved with this new release, as Talend Integration Cloud allows IT to use the full power of Talend Studio and apply more than 800 connectors and components to simplify development of cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground or ground-to-ground flows.


Talend Integration Cloud features a new web-based designer and also includes pre-built components from Talend Exchange, an online community for sharing cloud templates, best practices and components. This allows users to extract, cleanse, enrich and share data in an efficient manner between thousands of applications and data sources. The solution also offers tools for easily reduplicating and standardizing data to help increase completeness and overall precision.

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Talend Integration Cloud takes advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop through optimized and native code creation. This new offering enables business users to run integration jobs whenever they are needed for the best response time, lowest latency and most cost-effective use of resources when integrating big data systems such as Amazon Redshift or Amazon EMR. Talend Integration Cloud provides ease of use; no longer is there a need to download data that is already stored in the cloud. Further, cloud and native integration is included with cloud-based big data and analytics environments.

Talend Integration Cloud links up to all Hadoop and NoSQL sources and automatically creates native MapReduce, Spark or Storm code to run on-premise or in-cloud Hadoop distributions.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Talend’s CMO Ashley Stirrup recently about the new solution offering and the company’s plans for the future:

On big data integration: “We think there’s this whole new class of data integration jobs that aren’t being met by traditional solutions that people will now be able to do with Talend Integration Cloud.

On Hadoop: “We allow you to get data into Hadoop, cleanse it, and transform it inside the Hadoop environment while leveraging the full power of the Hadoop stack. We’re generating native Hadoop code that leverages all the scalability and power of Hadoop. We made an early bet on Hadoop and we are actually generating native code that can be run in a parallel way across all their servers to take advantage of the performance, the scalability and cost benefits that go along with Hadoop.”

On the new web-based designer: “It uses HTML 5, so it will run on desktop or tablet. For the business user it’s simply a matter of selecting which components they want to use, doing a little bit of data mapping to let the integration job know which fields are which. Then the rest of it runs right there live and in the cloud and they can preview it, run it in test before they run it in production. It gives IT a lot of flexibility in how they empower the business user.”

On Talend Exchange: “[It] has been a tremendous source of innovation for Talend, where we open it up to our open source community. This is where they’re sharing components that they’ve built that will now be available within the Talend Integration Cloud as well, and so our open source community and our partners will be able to build either individual components or entire end-to-end integration flows and publish those to the cloud, so that our customers can go ahead and import those in and quickly have new integration jobs up and running.”

On the future of Talend: “We’re making big strategic bets on big data and the cloud. So you’re going to see us take a cloud-first approach to our development from here on out. Users will have one platform where they can do bulk and batch and real-time integration with data quality and big data support, and we think that’s an extremely compelling combination of capabilities.”

Talend’s big data division grew 122 percent last year, while their master data management (MDM) division grew 86 percent. Talend’s goal is clear, and was one of the first things CMO Ashley Stirrup noted in our chat: “We’ve got a tremendous amount if interest in just making data integration easier.”

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