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Talend Tackles EU GDPR with New Data Governance Tool

Talend Tackles EU GDPR with New Data Governance Tool
Talend Tackles EU GDPR with New Data Governance Tool

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Talend recently announced a new data governance and compliance solution to help organizations address requirements for the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. Talend’s GDPR solution enables enterprises to design and operationalize data controls in data pipelines using metadata management, data masking, data quality, and governance.

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GDPR enforcement begins in May of 2018, and applies to any global organization that collects or processes personal data from residents living in the boundaries of the EU. Organizations will become responsible for obtaining a more precise view of their customer data. This includes keeping tabs in where it is stored, who has access to it, how it’s being utilized, and by whom it can be modified. Companies will also have to address new rights for certain individuals in terms of providing options for how their personal data is being managed.

Talend GDPR offers organizations the ability to deploy governed data workflows whether it comes from online forms, a business partner, an internal CRM or HR system or the data lake. It also helps users do the following:

  • Mapping data elements across data sets using metada
  • Establish access and quality controls for enterprise data lake
  • Set ‘privacy by design’ as a default to mask customer data
  • Track and trace data using audit trails and data lineage
  • Anonymity or pseudonymous customer data to separate it from direct identifiers
  • Deploy data services to establish the right to be forgotten, right of accessibility, and right of rectification

In a press statement, Talend’s Vice President of Products Ciaran Dynes explained: “The path toward GDPR compliance doesn’t need to be complicated, but organizations do need to have a comprehensive strategy for ensuring personal data is captured, shared, and managed in a controlled, lawful and fair manner.”

Talend GDPR is available immediately via the company’s network of VAR and ISV partners.

Read the release.

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