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Talend Updates its Data Fabric Offering with Talend Trust Score

Talend Updates its Data Fabric Offering with Talend Trust Score
Talend Updates its Data Fabric Offering with Talend Trust Score

Source: Talend

Talend recently announced a major update to its Data Fabric offering, highlighted by new capabilities within Talend Trust Score. Talend Trust Score instantly assesses the reliability of an organization’s data, and represents what Talend is calling an “industry first” measure of data and health that intelligently diagnoses and resolves data integrity issues. Data assessed by this capability is indexed, optimized and ready to use, according to the company.

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Talend offers an expansive portfolio of data integration and data management tools. The company’s flagship tool, Open Studio for Data Integration, is available via a free open-source license. Talend Integration Cloud is offered in three separate editions (SaaS, hybrid, elastic), and provides broad connectivity, built-in data quality, and native code generation to support big data technologies. Big data components and connectors include Hadoop, NoSQL, MapReduce, Spark, machine learning, and IoT.

Talend Trust Score automatically indexes datasets with a crawler to provide a complete picture of data health before they start using it. Data can be assessed in multi-cloud, on-prem, and in hybrid environments. The Trust Score exposes the dimensions used to calculate data trust. Dimensions include validity, popularity, completeness, discoverability, and usage. Talend Data Fabric also automatically resolves data problems by recommending the appropriate transformations using semantic awareness.

In a media statement about the news, Talend SVP of Products Ciaran Dynes said: “Talend Trust Score enables enterprises to operate with confidence in their data, and dramatically improve the reliability and accuracy of real-time decision making. With this release, Talend furthers its commitment to providing organizations with the data integrity necessary to remain competitive in today’s data driven market.”

Talend Data Fabric’s new features in the Talend Trust Score will be available in Q4 2020. Click here to learn more, or watch Talend Data Trust.

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