The 8 Best Apache Kafka Courses and Online Training for 2021

The Best Apache Kafka Courses and Online Training

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best Apache Kafka courses and online training to consider.

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that enables users to publish and subscribe to streams of records, store streams of records, and process them as they occur. Kafka is most notably used for building real-time streaming data pipelines and applications and is run as a cluster on one or more servers that can span more than one data center. The Kafka cluster stores streams of records in categories called topics, and each record consists of a key, a value, and a timestamp.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best Apache Kafka courses and online training to consider if you’re looking to grow your data integration or streaming skills for work or play. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that features the best Apache Kafka courses and online training from trusted online platforms. We made sure to mention and link to related courses on each platform that may be worth exploring as well. Click Go to training to learn more and register.

Apache Kafka Certification Training

Platform: Edureka

Description: Edureka’s Apache Kafka Certification Training helps you in learning the concepts about Kafka’s architecture, configuring a Kafka cluster, and backgrounds on Kafka Producer, Kafka Consumer, and Kafka Monitoring. This module was designed to provide insights into the Integration of Kafka with Hadoop, Storm and Spark, as well as understand Kafka stream APIs and the implementation of Twitter streaming with Kafka and Flume via real-life case studies.

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Kafka Training

Platform: Intellipaat

Description: This Kafka training from Intellipaat equips you with all the skills needed for becoming an Apache Kafka professional. Kafka is a real-time message broker that allows you to publish and subscribe to message streams. Some of the topics included in this online training course are the Kafka API, creating Kafka clusters, integration of Kafka with the big data Hadoop ecosystem along with Spark, Storm, and Maven integration.

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Kafka Essential Training

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

Description: In this course, examine all the core concepts of Kafka. Ben Sullins kicks off the course by making the case for Kafka, and explaining who’s using this efficient platform and why. He then shares Kafka workflows to provide context for core concepts, explains how to install and test Kafka locally, and dives into real-world examples. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to achieve scalability, fault tolerance, and durability with Apache Kafka.

Related paths/tracks: Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners, Stream Processing Design Patterns with Kafka Streams

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Apache Kafka Training

Platform: Mindmajix

Description: Mindmajix Apache Kafka Training offers an in-depth understanding of Kafka Architecture, configuration, performance tuning, integration with Hadoop, Spark and Storm through real-time use cases. You will also get an opportunity to work on various real-time projects via the module’s training which are in line with the Apache Kafka Certification Exam.

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Getting Started with Apache Kafka

Platform: Pluralsight

Description:  In this course, Getting Started with Apache Kafka, you will get a thorough understanding of Apache Kafka’s architecture and how it has adopted proven distributed systems design principles that enable it to scale and perform reliably. Then, you will break down this architecture into individual components and learn about each in great detail. Finally, you will use the components in action with common scenarios and walkthough how Apache Kafka solutions can be developed in Java.

Related paths/tracks: Designing Event-driven Applications Using Apache Kafka Ecosystem, Kafka Connect Fundamentals, Handling Streaming Data with a Kafka Cluster, Deploying a Kafka Cluster

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Apache Kafka Certification Training

Platform: Simplilearn

Description: In this Apache Kafka certification training, you will learn to master the architecture, installation, configuration, and interfaces of Kafka open-source messaging. With this Kafka course, you will learn the basics of Apache ZooKeeper as a centralized service and develop the skills to deploy Kafka for real-time messaging.

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Data Streaming Nanodegree

Platform: Udacity

Description: Learn how to process data in real-time by building fluency in modern data engineering tools, such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Kafka Streaming. You’ll start by understanding the components of data streaming systems. You’ll then build a real-time analytics application. Students will also compile data and run analytics, as well as draw insights from reports generated by the streaming console.

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Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners v2

Platform: Udemy

Description:  This course takes a step-by-step approach to learn all the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. At the end of this course, learners will uncover Kafka core concepts and launch their own Kafka cluster using native Kafka binaries. Students will also learn and practice using the Kafka Command Line Interface. No prior Kafka knowledge is required.

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