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The 3 Best Data Pipeline Books on Our 2023 Reading List

The Best Data Pipeline Books

The Best Data Pipeline Books

Our editors have compiled this directory of the best data pipeline books based on Amazon user reviews, rating, and ability to add business value.

SR FindsThere are loads of free resources available online (such as Solutions Review’s Data Integration Software Buyer‘s Guide, Vendor Comparison Map, and best practices section) and those are great, but sometimes it’s best to do things the old-fashioned way. There are few resources that can match the in-depth, comprehensive detail of one of the best data pipeline books.

The editors at Solutions Review have done much of the work for you, curating this directory of the best data pipeline books on Amazon. Titles have been selected based on the total number and quality of reader user reviews and ability to add business value. Each of the books listed in this compilation have met a minimum criteria of 5 reviews and a 4-star-or-better ranking.

Below you will find a short list of titles from recognized industry analysts, experienced practitioners, and subject matter experts spanning the depths of data processing all the way to data pipelines with Apache Airflow and understanding streaming data. This compilation includes publications for practitioners of all skill levels.

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The Best Data Pipeline Books

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Data Pipelines Pocket Reference: Moving and Processing Data for Analytics

OUR TAKE: Written with aspiring data engineers and analytics team members in mind, this text is for those who want to understand how to implement data pipelines. Author James Densmore has more than a decade in the field.

Data Pipelines Pocket Reference: Moving and Processing Data for Analytics“Data pipelines are the foundation for success in data analytics. Moving data from numerous diverse sources and transforming it to provide context is the difference between having data and actually gaining value from it. This pocket reference defines data pipelines and explains how they work in today’s modern data stack. You’ll learn common considerations and key decision points when implementing pipelines, such as batch versus streaming data ingestion and build versus buy.”


Streaming Data: Understanding the Real-Time Pipeline

OUR TAKE: Written by software engineer and architect Andrew Psaltis, this title introduces the concepts and requirements of streaming and real-time data systems. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook.

Streaming Data: Understanding the Real-Time Pipeline“Streaming Data is an idea-rich tutorial that teaches you to think about efficiently interacting with fast-flowing data. Through relevant examples and illustrated use cases, you’ll explore designs for applications that read, analyze, share, and store streaming data. Along the way, you’ll discover the roles of key technologies like Spark, Storm, Kafka, Flink, RabbitMQ, and more. This book offers the perfect balance between big-picture thinking and implementation details.”


Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

OUR TAKE: Written by two established Airflow experts, this book is for DevOps, data engineers, machine learning engineers, and system administrators with intermediate Python skills.

Data Pipelines with Apache AirflowData Pipelines with Apache Airflow teaches you how to build and maintain effective data pipelines. You’ll explore the most common usage patterns, including aggregating multiple data sources, connecting to and from data lakes, and cloud deployment. Part reference and part tutorial, this practical guide covers every aspect of the directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) that power Airflow, and how to customize them for your pipeline’s needs.”


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