The 5 Best Fiverr Data Engineering Professional Services Right Now

The Best Fiverr Data Engineering Professional Services

Solutions Review editors compiled this list of the best Fiverr data engineering professional services to consider using right now.

SR FindsFiverr Data Services enables organizations to make the most of their data with the help of professional sellers. The platform includes sellers with various skills to analyze data for optimizing business decisions and outcomes. Fiverr professional sellers can also assist with manual data handling and storage solutions through data science techniques, automation, and algorithmics. These freelance data services provide organizations with access to “talent that can provide insights from data”  according to the company.

Fiverr Data Services features three main verticals (Data Management, Data Storage, and Data Analysis), with various categories underneath, including Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Engineering, Databases, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Data Science. It’s with this in mind that Solutions Review editors assembled this list of the best Fiverr data engineering professional services to consider. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that includes the most popular professional services currently available on Fiverr.

Note: We only included the best Fiverr data engineering professional services with more than 150 ratings and 4.5 stars or better.

The Best Fiverr Data Engineering Professional Services

SERVICE: I will do scala and spark related tasks

Seller: sudheerpendyala

Description: This seller offers Spark and Scala-related projects, as well as data engineering, pipelining, and warehouse solutions. The seller offers help in big data formats like AVRO, PARQUET, ORC, JSON, and CSV as well. Other areas of expertise include data validation and ETL, SQL, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, and SQL.


SERVICE: I will do PDF data extraction, image ocr, web scraping in python

Seller: surazgyawali

Description: The seller is a full-time Python developer with a computer engineering background in academics. Core capabilities of this freelance service include data extraction, image processing, web scraping, and web crawling. The seller is capable of scraping data from various sources, and, based on need, can be delivered in a variety of formats.


SERVICE: I will do data cleaning data wrangling or visualization in python

Seller: rahulbagga98

Description: This seller offers various data wrangling services that include tidying data, pivoting data, concatenation, merging data, converting data, pattern matching, filling missing data, reshaping data, and joining data. Data visualization services are offered using any library in Python including matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, and Bokeh.


SERVICE: I will do your python work, scripts, dataanalysis, csv, api

Seller: creedguy

Description: The seller’s mission as a certified developer/programmer is to help you solve your problems and optimize your operations in a professional and efficient way. Available services include web automation, desktop automation, files and resource management, API development, and social media bots.


SERVICE: I will do data engineering pipeline using google cloud platform

Seller: coderjs

Description: The seller is an experienced cloud engineer and pythonist. The featured freelance service from this Fiverr seller is building a whole data pipeline that can do ETL using cloud storage, cloud function, cloud scheduler, and BigQuery.

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