The 6 Best Data Engineering and Big Data Udacity Nanodegrees for 2023

The Best Udacity Nanodegrees for Data Engineering

The editors at Solutions Review compiled this list of the best data engineering and big data Udacity Nanodegree certifications to consider taking this year.

SR FindsData engineering is the process of designing and building pipelines that transport and transform data into a usable state for data workers to utilize. Data pipelines commonly take data from many disparate sources and collect them into data warehouses that represent the data as a single source. To do so, data engineers must manipulate and analyze data from each system as a pre-processing step.

With this in mind, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best data engineering and big data Udacity Nanodegree certifications, Udacity is perfect for those looking to take multiple courses or acquire skills in multiple different areas, or for those who want the most in-depth experience possible through access to entire course libraries or learning paths. In sum, Udacity is home to more than 160,000 students in more than 190 countries.

Note: The best Udacity Nanodegrees for Data Engineering are listed in alphabetical order.

The Best Udacity Nanodegrees for Data Engineering and Big Data

TITLE: Become a Data Architect Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: Learn how to plan, design and implement enterprise data structure solutions and create blueprints. This nanodegree program takes 4 months to finish.

Description: In this program, you’ll plan, design and implement enterprise data infrastructure solutions and create the blueprints for an organization’s data management system. You’ll create a relational database with PostGreSQL, design an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data model to build a cloud-based data warehouse, and design scalable data lake architecture that meets the needs of big data. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply the principles of data governance to an organization’s data management system.


TITLE: Become a Data Engineer Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This module will show you how to build a production-ready data infrastructure. This training will take you 5 months to complete, and intermediate Python and SQL skills are recommended.

Description: Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with massive datasets. At the end of the program, you’ll combine your new skills by completing a capstone project. Students will learn to create relational and NoSQL data models to fit the diverse needs of data consumers, as well as sharpen your data warehousing skills and deepen your understanding of data infrastructure.


TITLE: Become a Data Product Manager

OUR TAKE: This Nanodegree program will teach techniques for evaluating the data from live products, including how to design and execute various A/B and multivariate tests to shape the next iteration of a product.

Description: Learn how to apply data science techniques, data engineering processes, and market experimentation tests to deliver customized product experiences. Begin by leveraging the power of SQL and Tableau to inform product strategy. Then, develop data pipelines and warehousing strategies that prepare data collected from a product for robust analysis.


TITLE: Data Engineering with Microsoft Azure

OUR TAKE: Master the job-ready skills you need to succeed as a Microsoft Azure data engineer like designing data models and utilizing other in-demand components of the cloud computing service.

Description: Learners will acquire the skills needed to design data models, create data pipelines, and navigate large datasets on the Azure platform. Additionally, they will learn to build data warehouses, data lakes, and lakehouse architecture.


TITLE: Data Streaming Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This program will help you learn the skills to advance your career in data engineering. Students will also build real-time applications for processing big data and compile data run analytics.

Description: Learn how to process data in real-time by building fluency in modern data engineering tools, such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Kafka Streaming. You’ll start by understanding the components of data streaming systems. You’ll then build a real-time analytics application.


TITLE: Learn SQL Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This Udacity Nanodegree will help you learn big data’s core language for big data analysis, SQL. Students should come prepared with a basic understanding of data types and plan to spend 2 months on this  training.

Description: Perform analysis on data stored in relational and non-relational database systems to power strategic decision-making. Learn to determine, create, and execute SQL and NoSQL queries that manipulate and dissect large-scale datasets. Begin by leveraging the power of SQL commands, functions, and data cleaning methodologies to join, aggregate, and clean tables, as well as complete performance tune analysis to provide strategic business recommendations.

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