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TIBCO Launches New Application Architecture Modernization Program

TIBCO Launches New Application Architecture Modernization Program
TIBCO Launches New Application Architecture Modernization Program

Source: TIBCO Software

TIBCO Software recently announced the launch of TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh, a blueprint and capabilities for modern application architecture. Responsive Service Mesh guides customers towards architecture modernization through an incremental and iterative approach. The framework is integrated into the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform and supports cloud-native development.

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TIBCO is a Palo Alto-based, publicly held solution provider well-known in the data and analytic marketplace, but also offers a growing portfolio of integration tools. TIBCO’s flagship Integration Platform as a Service product, TIBCO Cloud Integration, requires no code. It also allows users to create, model, and deploy APIs in a completely guided process. TIBCO acquired Scribe Software in June 2018 and has rolled its capabilities into TIBCO Cloud Integration as a complimentary package.

TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh includes TIBCO Cloud Mesh, a new integrated service that lets users register, discover, and reuse composable fragments like microservices, APIs, and more created across the enterprise within TIBCO Cloud. In support of Responsive Application Mesh, TIBCO Cloud Integration is being fitted with a new user experience aimed at satisfying various user personas. The release also includes the availability of the new Connector Marketplace that brings together Connectors from TIBCO and its partners.

In a statement to Solutions Review about the news, the company’s CTO Nelson Petracek said: “With the launch of [TIBCO] Responsive Application Mesh, customers are able to create digital foundations that are critical to success in the ever-changing age of digital transformation. Responsive Application Mesh provides organizational agility and process efficiency as well as modernizes the application architecture via an iterative, incremental, and measurable approach.”

Learn more about the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh here.

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