Data Integration Buyer's Guide General Automation Platform Now Touts Automated Event Streams General Automation Platform Now Touts Automated Event Streams General Automation Platform Now Touts Automated Event Streams

Source: today announced expanded event-streaming support for the General Automation Platform, according to a press release. The product benefits from the addition of a Publish/Subscribe Queue Trigger, Queue Connector, and new connectors for messages queues services and event streams. According to the vendor “The latest enhancements provide builders with more control over real-time data flows.”

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace. offers low-code automation for a variety of user cases. The Tray General Automation Platform democratizes automation and integration so anyone can transform their unique business processes into repeatable and scalable workflows. The self-service platform is flexible and enables users to build integrations using any API for connecting enterprise applications without incremental cost. Tray is available in a number of versions based on functionality, though the Professional Edition is most popular.

The General Automation Platform’s new Pub/Sub capability lets users turn event streams into multiple streams that can be fed into any number of workflows. The Queue Trigger and Queue Connector provide greater control over real-time data flows. The platform can also elastically process unlimited data volumes. Event streaming is now coupled with the Tray Platform via support for Apache Spark, AWS Kinesis, Microsoft Power BI, Databricks, and other sources as well.

In a media statement about the news, co-founder and CEO Rich Waldron said “Digitization is driving organizations to integrate, automate, and analyze real-time data and event streams as their next source of competitive advantage. Up until now, doing so has required a heavy reliance on technical experts and code to manage the complexity of the underlying infrastructure, which can significantly throttle digital initiatives. By expanding the event-streaming capabilities of our low-code, serverless platform, we’re democratizing how business users, technologists, and developers can build and collaborate to turn real-time event streaming into powerful business value.”

Read Turning real-time event streams into game-changing value in the company’s blog to learn more.

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