Unifi Software Hastens Data Discovery and Cataloging with New AI Functionality

Unifi Software Hastens Data Discovery and Cataloging with New AI Functionality

Source: Unifi Software

Unifi Software recently announced new enhancements to its data platform aimed at making the process of data discovery and cataloging quicker and simpler for business users and data analysts alike. The release is highlighted by an extension to the company’s use of AI and natural language processing. The Unifi Data Platform features a proprietary AI engine called OneMindTM that learns to predict patterns and recommends datasets to users based on user engagement across the platform.

Unifi’s Dataset Explorer enables users to find similar datasets with this update. When displaying a dataset in this view, users can choose to display other datasets that are the same or similar simply by clicking ‘Similar Datasets.’ The result displays the percentage of similarity based upon sample stats such as comparing properties of the primary dataset. The AI-engine parses for these similarities to build the recommendation. For data stewards or data engineers, finding similar datasets allows duplicate datasets to easily be discovered and cleansed.

Unifi is also adding automatic Tag Recommendations to its solution. This allows users to assign a tag to explored data in order to indicate what type of information it is. As the AI-engine learns which datasets are of interest to a user, it serves up recommendations based on tags of the same nature. Tags are then used to improve scoring and add context to the ontology or business glossary and metadata information of a dataset.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Unifi Software’s VP Engineering Ayush Parashar said: “In today’s enterprise data catalogs, it’s important to figure out similar data that may be sitting in different silos. For a data analyst, this helps in browsing through similar datasets while for IT, it helps in understanding duplication of data that may be sensitive. Unifi’s latest release brings this functionality to the front.”

The new Unifi Data Platform is now generally available.

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