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What if the Dinosaurs Had Big Data?

Most companies have been collecting data for as long as they’ve been in business, without meaning to – and the ones that use their prehistoric and recent data to their advantage will keep their competitive edge. According to a recent big data study, 79 percent of respondents agreed that companies that don’t embrace big data might face extinction. Similar to a company whose technology is stuck in the “stone age,” they faced many challenges before becoming extinct.

In recent years, scientific research has been much clearer: there is a high probability that an asteroid or meteor was the reason for the demise of the dinosaurs.

Dinos 1

Or what if they just cannibalized themselves to death?

Dino 2

Although probably not responsible for their sudden disappearance from earth, scientists do seem to think that disease could have been one of the factors that was responsible for population decline in the years prior to extinction.

Dino 3

Scientists originally thought that climate change was the culprit for extinction. If dinosaurs had big data, they could have studied the impact of continental drift on weather patterns!

Dino 4

Or, as some scientists have hypothesized, maybe competition with mammals for food drove them to their end.

Dino 5

Whatever the reason, it should now be abundantly clear that big data would have helped the dinosaurs avoid their extinction event. Embracing big data will go a long way in ensuring that your organization, unlike the dinosaurs, lives on to fight another day.

Dominic Tavassoli Dominic Tavassoli joined Talend as Director of Product Marketing in 2015. He has spent his 20-year career helping companies successfully develop meaningful technologies that impact the market. Prior to Talend, he served as vice president of Product Marketing at Telelogic (now IBM), leading the company through 5x growth over five years around the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud technologies. He also served as vice president of Product Management and Marketing at Eptica, a European startup in Customer Experience Management. Dominic holds an Engineering degree from the EcoleCentrale in Lyon.

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