What to Expect at Safe Software’s FME User Conference 2022 on August 24-26

What to Expect at Safe Software's FME User Conference 2022 on August 24-26

Source: Safe Software

Safe Software’s FME User Conference 2022 is a three-day event on spatial data technologies, and is being touted as “The Peak of Data Integration.”

Who is Safe Software?

Safe Software 106Safe Software offers a data integration platform with native support for spatial data. The solution enables users to move information between more than 450 applications via a visual interface. Safe also ensures data quality throughout the integration lifecycle with FME transformers. More than 500 transformers exist to modify data exactly for a specific need. The product offers workflow automation as well by automatically providing integrated data to stakeholders in real-time.

What is the FME User Conference 2022?

Safe Software’s FME User Conference 2022 will show you how to leverage your data better. The three-day event will feature the industry’s top spatial data technology experts and thought leaders, providing guidance and insight. With over 100 sessions to choose from, you’ll learn the best technical “how-tos”, gain valuable data integration tips, and find answers to your trickiest data integration questions. The main conference will be three days, packed with informative sessions, as well as plenty of activities and networking times.

Why Attend?

With over 100 sessions offered at the FME UC, there are plenty of learning opportunities on technical and business development topics across all industries and data types. Base Camp will be the hub of FME UC 2022. This is where you can go to meet, talk, learn and share with attendees, partners, and “Safers” about industry solutions and anything you may be curious about. Safers will be stationed there throughout the conference from a variety of departments to answer any questions you may have and solve your data problems with you.


What: Safe Software’s FME User Conference 2022

When: August 24-26 from 11:30 AM to 2:15 PM EST

Where: Vancouver, Canada (see registration page for more details and to gain on-demand digital access)

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