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Workato Unveils New Automation HQ and Accelerators at Automate ’21

Workato Unveils New Automation HQ and Accelerators at Automate '21
Workato Unveils New Automation HQ and Accelerators at Automate '21

Source: Workato

Workato recently announced the release of new product innovations, including Automation HQ and accelerators at the Automate 2021 Conference. The new features will help Workato customers develop business process automation while also improving efficiency. Automation HQ is a set of capabilities that can be used to hasten automation scaling. It features tools like federated workspaces, a business operations console, advanced lifecycle management, and custom communities. Workato offers this functionality in a governed, unified platform.

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Workato offers a self-service application integration solution for unifying applications on-prem and in the cloud. The product allows organizations to create recipes, which are automated workflows that connect apps to complete tasks composed by users based on a combination of apps, triggers, and actions. Workato currently connects to more than 300 enterprise apps, with new apps being added frequently.

Every additional Workato connector expands the scope of automations possible in the platform. Workato is also introducing support for customers and partners to build and publish their custom connectors on the Connector Community using Workato’s connector SDK. Automation accelerators are pre-packaged solutions containing everything users need to automate common organizational processes and implement core enterprise capabilities. Accelerators are fully customizable and include everything required to get an automation workflow into production including pre-built recipes, custom connectors, reference data, instructional guides and more.

In a media statement on the news, Workato co-founder and Head of Product Gautham Viswanathan said: “Organizations are starting to comprehend the incredible potential of automation for driving faster growth and increased efficiency across their business. Whether it’s uncovering new opportunities for automation or managing workflows across multiple business units, our team is excited to address the diverse needs of our customers with these latest enhancements to Workato. Automation HQ, Accelerators and our latest new connectors demonstrate how automation is quickly becoming a core competency for a growing number of businesses.”

Read Discover Workato: Summer 2021 Product Showcase to learn more about the new enhancements. You can also check out this product roadmap preview clip on YouTube.

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