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Actian Customer 360 Debuts on Avalance Analytics Service

Actian Customer 360 Debuts on Avalance Analytics Service
Actian Customer 360 Debuts on Avalance Analytics Service

Source: Actian

Actian recently announced the launch of Actian Customer 360, a new solution built on the company’s Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse. The product lets current Avalanche cloud customers to quickly personalize the customer experience through micro-segregration, holistic customer profiles, next best action, and market basket analysis. It also helps improve customer acquisition and retention through campaign optimization and churn analysis.

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Avalanche’s hybrid design means users can query workloads across both on-prem and cloud environments, while Actian support for data federation means data does not need to be moved from its place of origin. Customers only need to use the compute and storage resources they need as well. Actian Avalanche also comes pre-packaged with connector support for more than 200 popular enterprise applications.

The Avalanche cloud data warehouse enables Actian Customer 360 to run on AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. Data can be migrated easily to Avalanche, which lets users stay connected to tools they were using to analyze and visualize Customer 360 data. It also quickly aggregates customer data via self-service data integration. The tool touts a comprehensive set of Customer 360 accelerator services as well, aimed at ensuring predictable solution deployments whether on-prem or in the cloud.

In a media statement about the news, Actian SVP of Products Vikas Mathur said “Organizations need to react quickly to changes in buyer behavior, but data silos and the lack of strategic, easy-to-use analytical tools are holding them back. Actian’s Customer 360 Real-time Analytics solution running on our Avalanche service bridges the gap, giving workers of all technical abilities valuable tools they can use to harness existing data sources to generate actionable insight in the business moment.”

Click here to learn more about Actian Customer 360.

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