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Examining The Evolution of Malware and Next Gen Endpoint Protection



The Information Age may just as well be known as the age of the data breach. Malware co-developed almost simultaneously with the advent of the Information Age.

Creeper, the first known computer virus, was developed in 1971, just three years after the creation of the ARPAnet. Creeper would not look unfamiliar to a modern information security professional. It spread unchecked through the primitive internet, displaying the text “I’m the Creeper. Catch me if you can!” on affected mainframes.

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Shortly thereafter, a different program—Reaper—was developed. Its only purpose was to delete Creeper. It was the first antivirus software. From that playful beginning, malware detection and interception developed into its present-day arms race.

Today, endpoint protection has moved far beyond basic malware scanning—it’s  now a commodity of information security. Now, as Malware evolves into targeted Advance Persistent Threats, any response has to be layered, proactive, and highly visible.

In this 47-slide presentation, InfoSec pros from Panda Security walk us through the history of malware, how it’s changed, and what we can do to fight back.

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