Key Findings: Morphisec Labs Threat Report December 2018

Key Findings: Morphisec Labs Threat Report December 2018

Today, endpoint security and threat prevention solution provider Morphisec released their Morphisec Labs Threat Report for December 2018. The report compiles research from two million endpoints protected by Morphisec over the course of Q3 and Q4 of 2018. It also draws information from Morphisec Labs threat research teams’ investigations.

The Morphisec Labs Threat Report for December 2018 details the evolution of the threat landscape, specifically concerning the Banking and Finance industries. According to the report, hackers targeted the banking industry—and payment records and credentials—in particular. The Morphisec report also details the technical aspects of specific cyber attack tactics and vectors.

Some of the key findings from the Morphisec Labs Threat Report for December 2018 include:

  • Banking trojans represented 25% of attacks in Q2 and Q3 in 2018, representing an increase from Q1.
  • Adware and potentially unwanted programs were the largest prevented attack group, constituting 40% of all attacks.
  • Cryptojacking attacks represented 30% of all attacks. Morphisec named RIG-delivered miners as the most common type of cryptojacking attack.
  • 80% of the public is more concerned over the safety of their personal financial information than their voter data.
  • 39.7% of users never or only sometimes takes cybersecurity precautions when using a work-related endpoint.    

Michael Gorelik, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Threat Research at Morphisec, said in a statement: “Attacks targeting the banking industry, and specifically payment records and credentials, consistently topped Morphisec’s threat list for the second half of 2018.”

“However, the preferred variant of banking trojans shifted as Emotet disappeared from the scene in Q3, giving way to Trickbot attacks. Malicious actors utilizing banking trojans to make a quick financial profit are especially dangerous during Q4 as holiday browsing habits make victims more susceptible to threats.”

You can download the free full Morphisec Labs Threat Report for December 2018 here.

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