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Key Findings from the Morphisec Labs’ Threat Report for Q1 of 2018

The Minimum Capabilities of Enterprise Endpoint Security

Morphisec Lab's Threat Report Key Findings

Israeli-based endpoint security solution provider Morphisec today released the inaugural edition of the Morphisec Labs’ Threat Report for Q1 of 2018. The report analyzes the threat data collected from approximately 750,000 Morphisec protected endpoints from around the world between January 1 and March 31, 2018, as well as from studies by Morphisec Labs. Morphisec plans to release a similar report every quarter.  

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The key findings from the Morphisec Labs’ Threat Report include:   

  • Fileless malware attacks are on the rise; 36% of non-adware attacks were found to be completely fileless.
  • Banking Trojans have seen a return, accounting for over one-third of non-adware attacks in Q1.
  • Illicit cryptocurrency mining—also referred to as cryptojacking—continues to swell in popularity. Cryptojacking capabilities are being included in other attacks, and hackers are innovating on payload delivery methods.
  • Even though ransomware has seen a decline in recent months, new strains continue to emerge. Ransomware continues to be a top concern for enterprises.  
  • Adobe Flash UAF Vulnerability CVE-2018-4878 is poised to be among the most exploited backdoors in 2018.  

In a statement, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Threat Research Michael Gorelik said: “we see that the cyberattack pipeline has become significantly more efficient and faster. Sophisticated attack technology moves quickly from nation-states to cybercriminal groups and filters down to mass-market exploit kits in a matter of days. This means organizations need to be thinking about how they can stay ahead of new attack developments – they don’t have the luxury anymore of defenses that must update themselves to address each new threat.”

In the report’s forward, Adrian Asher, CISO of the London Stock Exchange, said: “CISOs and their teams need every last piece of intelligence and insight that helps push them ahead of attackers by the highest percentage possible.”

Morphisec released its first commercially available product only two years ago. You can download their full report here.

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