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Presentation: Examining the State of Your Endpoint Security



According to the 2016 State of Endpoint Security Survey from by the SANS Institute, 44% of respondents report that one or more of their endpoints have been breached in the past 24 months, with desktops, laptops and servers making up the most  often compromised endpoints. Login and access credentials are the most commonly exfiltrated information.

55% of survey respondents spend 3 or more hours per compromised endpoint, and over 70% of say that they find it difficult or impossible to determine when an incident has been fully remediated.

These statistics encompass a wide set of industries, from financial services to education, all with one thing in common—vulnerability. So while each network is uniquely built to support your particular business, none is immune from being breached.

To protect your data most effectively, you need a way to find the threats that are most relevant to your organization and prioritize them so you can remediate the most critical and lethal ones first.

In this 21-slide presentation, George Mina, IBM Program Director, and Mark Hafner, IBM Systems Engineer, examine the state of endpoint security and demonstrate how the integration of advanced tools can offer accelerated risk prioritization and incident response to keep your corporate and customer data secure.

interested readers can view IBM’s  full webinar on-demand here.

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