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Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Mobile App Development, 2017

Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Mobile App Development, 2017

Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Mobile App Development, 2017Gartner’s annual Cool Vendors report has just been released for mobile application development and five of the most innovative and exciting vendors in mobile app development today have been selected. The cool vendors report is a change of pace from the magic quadrant, as it gives a more in depth analysis of these vendors and lets you know why you should care. It gives up and coming vendors a chance display their tech, and veteran vendors the opportunity to show their progress and innovation.

This year’s list included Insert, Blue Critical, Hansle, Octane AI, Sapho.

Looking at these five vendors, Gartner noticed a few key trends shaping the 2017 mobile app development space. First off, Gartner noticed that large organizations have had difficulty with the quick creation of front-end client applications. The analyst notes that rapid application development platforms such as Sapho can assist with this issue.  Furthermore, DevOps for mobile applications is experiencing a rise in popularity since deployed applications need to be maintained and updated to avoid becoming “orphaned”.

In order to simplify mobile application strategies, Gartner recommends that application leaders invest in RMAD tools with contracts, shorter than two years. Additionally, organizations are recommended to re-evaluate vendor roadmaps  and capabilities every six months.  Application leaders should also move from traditional application interfaces and towards “hyperpersonal” interfaces by exploring new techniques for fostering application engagement.

What sets all of these vendors apart this year is their ability to adapt to the current climate of enterprise mobile apps. As Gartner has stated before, the demand for these apps is going to very quickly overtake our ability to develop them. What makes these vendors particularly “cool” is their take on bridging and eventually solving this problem we’re about to face.

Criticial Blue’s Aproov made this year’s cool list fr delivering new levels of protection with negligible development or operational overhead combined with a simple integration approach. Because Aproov has moved away from traditional methods of application security through its use of behavioral analysis based on historical data. This helps Aproov to identify good traffic vs. bad traffic.

Hansle made the list as well based on its ability to enable the delivery of hyperpersonal experiences through real-time user interface manipulation and application configuration management. Gartner notes that while Hansel offers a number of innovative technologies in its platform, many of the technologies can already be found in other products. The Hansle platform allow  users to bypass difficulties associated with updating and application maintenance.

The Israeli company, Insert is an automated in-application marketing platform that allows mobile marketers  and product managers to create, publish, test, and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns produced by existing applications. Gartner called it a “revolutionary development in an ecosystem that is heavily dependent on developers, and which hinders the creation of timely in-app campaigns.”

Sapho is noted by Gartner for its user interface and push-based micro-applications. Additionally, Sapho‘s micro flows are committed to business transformation by breaking down large workflows into smaller and more manageable pieces.

Take a full look at the Cool Vendors report here.

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